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Cape Nordic Corporation (Pty) Ltd (CNC) is currently developing a large-scale, land-based Recirculation Aquaculture System (RAS) for the production Atlantic Salmon (Salmo Salar). The facility will be located on the West Coast of South Africa.
The motivation for the project arose from the successful implementation of similar RAS units and hatchery/smolting facilities by the technology partners for this project. These technology partners have implemented successful RAS-based projects in Denmark, Norway and Switzerland. The 4th generation RAS technology chosen for the project is the most suitable technology for the South African coastal and location conditions. Using this state-of-the-art European technology offers a large-scale potential to serve the South African domestic consumer market, as well as offering export opportunities to the middle-east and Asia.
The project will be the first and largest land-based RAS facility of its kind on the African continent, with CNC utilising latest technology and innovative design to achieve maximum sustainability. Not only will the RAS system be a first for this region, but CNC will be supplementing and integrating the RAS facility with an Integrated Multitrophic Aquaculture System (IMTAS), which is on the cutting edge of global aquaculture developments and will provide for effective bio-mitigation of the fish farm effluent, while producing other commercially-viable aquaculture species (such as oysters).
The project also focuses on energy efficiency and renewable energy solutions.
The planned RAS aquafarming system will consist of a hatchery/first feed, fry, pre-smolt and smolt production facilities, together with grow-out and purge systems for the production of approximately 2,000 tons/annum live weight Atlantic Salmon (in Stage 1) at a maximum live fish size of 5.2 kg. Expansion of the facilities to 6,000 ton/annum live-weight is included in the design.


The farmland on which the proposed project will reside is located just north of Cape Town on the West Coast of South Africa between Elands Bay and Velddrif (approximately 20km south of Elands Bay).
The size of the preferred property is 536ha with a 1.2 km seafront. The RAS facility will be located at an approximate elevation of 10m above sea level.
The site location has been intentionally selected to be along the South African West Coast, where seawater temperatures are the coldest on the African continent as a result of the Benguela current bringing deep, nutrient-rich cold water up from the South Atlantic Ocean (at temperatures of between 14 and 16oC). The availability of cold water is of course a critical factor for the survival and optimum growth of Atlantic Salmon, as per their natural environment.


The CNC vision is to be the first sustainable land-based Recirculating Aquaculture System in the South African region which produces cold-water finfish, such as Atlantic Salmon and Sea Trout on a large scale.
Our mandate is to ensure the preservation of the environment as far as possible, while contributing to the socio-economic well-being of the region and providing a sustainable source of high quality and healthy food to firstly, the South African market and then to international markets, such as Asia.
CNC shall make use of the latest technological advances in the field, including practical research on integrated multitrophic systems, where, by introducing other marine species downstream of the fish facilities, a balanced ecosystem is created with the objective of naturally cleaning the RAS facility effluent purge stream before it is reintroduced into the ocean.

CNC shall make use of the latest technological advances in the field, including practical research and development of Integrated Multitrophic Aquaculture Systems, where, by introducing other marine species downstream of the fish farming facilities, a balanced ecosystem is created, with the objective of naturally cleaning the RAS facility effluent stream before it is reintroduced into the ocean.


CNC is a South African-Danish initiative and is owned by four private shareholders. Our Danish shareholders have strong ties to other successfully operating RAS in Europe, with our South African shareholders having expertise in project development, engineering, renewable energy and, of course, a knowledge of the local operating environment.
In addition to the expertise of the shareholders, CNC’s technology partner for the Recirculating Aquaculture System (RAS) is the Danish company, Gråkjær A/S, an expert in the design of aquaculture facilities – refer to https://www.graakjaer.com/.



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